• It is equipped with a large battery compartment which allows to mount four large modules to ensure a long running time.
  • It combines the maneuverability of a walk-behind scrubber-dryer with the comfort and productivity of the ride on machine.
  • It has a system of electronic traction on the front wheel, with adjustment of speed of movement and safety device.
  • It ensures a high productivity with a scrubbing width of 53 cm combined to a powerful vacuum-motor and two tanks of a capacity of 80 lt each;
  • It ensures an excellent floor drying thanks to the adjustable squeegee, followed by the supporting wheels and driven by the movement of the brush.
  • We can offer a large range of accessories such as brushes, pad holders, abrasive pads and drying blades made of rubber and polyurethane, to deal with all kinds of dirt on any type of surface.

Technical Sheet

Motor Power 24 / DC
Dimension 1315 x 675 x 1050
Weight 204
Clean Area 3500
Vacuum Motor 550
Brush Motor 400
Brush Diameter 530
Brush Rotation 150
Squeegee 810
Pressure Brush 25
Solution Tank 80
Recovery Tank 80
Depression 1170


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