Container Interior Cleaning Equipments


Weidner container interior cleaning equipment are especially developed in order to cover the increasing demand of tank interior cleaning for several sectors.

The safety of the operator is our top priority. Entry into the tank is no more needed. At the end of its freely adjusted cleaning program the system switches off automatically and ensures a high profit while protecting the environment.

Weidner container interior cleaning equipment can clean drums, IBC- containers, small containers and tanks until 30.000 liters container capacity. The application sectors are manifold :

Chemical products ( dangerous goods), granules, powder, ash, mineral oils, additives, acids and alkalis. Also, foodstuff such as oils, chocolates, juices, dairy products and fats can be cleaned completely.


  • Easy clear handling
  • Existing of few simple standard components


  • Easy access to all components
  • Low maintenance high pressure pumps


  • Solids appropriate adjusted cleaning concept
  • Manufactured in standardised module design, robust and powerful
  • Pumps also in complete stainless steel available
  • Designed for the hard continuous operation also for multiple shift operation


  • Optimum cleaning power due to the exact adapted working pressure/water volume at the cleaning task
  • Working pressure of the container cleaning head is adjustable
  • Rotation speed of the high pressure nozzles is adjustable
  • Container cleaning head is completely made of stainless steel
  • Container cleaning head also explosion proof


The outcome is due to the optimisation of pressure, water volume and rotation speed at the cleaning task is automatically:

  • Economical water consumption
  • Economical consumption of heating energy
  • Save sewage water
  • Save electrical energy consumption
  • Save time and money
  • Fast cleaning cycle with each container cleaning
  • Raising of the equipment efficient degree
  • Environmentally energy balance


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