Chassis Wash System Wheel Wash System


Automatic cleaning of vehicle surfaces is becoming increasingly important in all sectors. Any dirt means additional costs. By site-vehicles for example: The dirt increases weight of it , consequently their fuel consumption.Through the WEIDNER under chassis equipment the profitability of your vehicles and you make a contribution to the general environmental protection.


  • Easy to overview construction
  • Operated via remote control, or tele control or light barrier


  • By using high pressure centrifugal type pumps
  • Or slow running high pressure plunger pumps


  • Industrial, robust and powerfull
  • Easy solid compact construction in industrial quality
  • High pressure centrifugal pump out of stainless steel
  • Slow running high pressure plunger pump


  • Various pump system depending on requirement
  • Volume to be adjusted via nozzles (centrifugal pump)
  • Via high pressure via nozzles (plunger pump)
  • Adjusted working pressure
  • Industrial motor 100% S1
  • 3 or 4 nozzle rotating spinner stainless steel


  • Economical operation of the cleaning equipment by optimal lay out of the under chassis cleaning system
  • Pressure and water volume are perfectly adapted to the cleaning task


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