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The in-house treatment and reclaiming of industrial wastewater as process water plays an increasingly important role with rising wastewater fees and environmental requirements.

With our scalable business solutions, we can provide with an individual system from a single source for almost any requirement your business demands.

Challenge us and find out for yourself which key benefits accrue to you from our decades of experience in handling and treatment of plant effluents.

Our sophisticated solutions are characterized by high reliability, even in difficult operating environments. That is one important point why we obtained such a high confidence on the part of the environmental authorities.

A consistent view of all life-cycle costs is the best guarantee for optimal economical results and makes our solutions very affordable.

With our experience, we will accompany you on a partnership level over the entire life cycle of your plant. This approach is central to the satisfaction of our customers.

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BioClassic System Range

The BioClassic System Range is a modular, fully biological process based on the treatment and closed cycle management of wastewater containing mineral oil within the areas of vehicle cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.
1. Pre-Treatment:
Solid particles are
deposited mechanically
-> 2. Biological Stage:
Wastewater treatment with
our patented Biofilm Process
-> 3. Secondary Treatment:
Final treatment and
collection in reclaim storage

In essence, our BioClassic Systems are based on tried and tested 3-stage biological systems in wastewater treatment plants. The three stages are: mechanical pre-treatment, biological treatment, and mechanical secondary treatment.

Our patented moving bed bioreactor process reflects the technological advantage of our BioClassic System range compared to all other biological methods, and no other technology comes even close.

Our BioClassic system range is a simple, easily comprehensible wastewater treatment system at a high industrial level which meets the most stringent demands in terms of purification performance and operational safety.

In addition, our BioClassic System Series is easy to operate by personnel with a general training background (i.e. without specialised technical knowledge or training).

This is why our BioClassic systems are still seen as the benchmark in terms of purification performance, operational safety and industrial water hygiene, whilst simultaneously providing simple functionality and easy use for our clients.

Container- and Vehicle Interior Cleaning

When cleaning transport containers, silo and commercial vehicles complex wastewater is generated depending on the goods transported before the cleaning. The composition of the resulting wastewater changes permanently.

Flocculation plants to treat those wastewaters are especially in combination with increasing proportions of chemical residues and solids in the water only insufficiently practical. They demand constant monitoring by technical versed operators and result in a high demand for flocculating agents. The operating expenses are additionally loaded with the cost of sludge removal.

The high modularity and adaptability of our solutions open to you the possibilities to find an ideal tuned handling system for your individual cargo profile and the necessary cleaning results.

Our wastewater solutions are successfully operational for years in diverse domains of silo and vehicle interior cleaning with different cargo profiles.

We are happy to explain to you our system and solution in detail personally in a conversation and point you to the corresponding references that match your prospective application.




Chemical Industry

The effluents that accrue in the cleaning process of silo vehicles and containers for transportation of raw materials for the chemical industry, are highly complex and constantly changing in the composition of wastewater.

Flocculation as the prior art of treatment for chemical waste water can not remove many of the completely dissolved invisible substances. Thus, the residual stresses are evident despite high clarity of the “treated effluent” is often well above the levels witch are applicable for wastewater in domestic environments.

For wastewater treatment of effluents from the interior cleaning we have developed a modular treatment system that can handle individually nearly every cargo-profile and almost any mixture of effluents from Transport of Dangerous Goods class 8 and 9.

By using our high-performance bioreactors, the organic residual stress in the purified wastewater is also substantially below 600 mg COD/l, the usual guidance value for domestic wastewater and eliminates the cost for heavy user charge on top of the usual sewage fee.

Depending on the cargo profile and a corresponding system design the consumption of chemical products for wastewater treatment and sludge production is reduced by up 85% compared to conventional flocculation solutions.

Fatty (aliphatic) waste water

Higher operating pressures and temperatures in modern dishwashers cause an emulsification of fats to a high degree. Off-the-shelf grease traps often cannot adequately separate fat from water.

The development of more water-saving washing machines results in a significant increase in the wastewater charging.

The reduced wastewater leads to a longer standing time of wastewater in the separators and favours due to the higher load the acidification (lowering of pH) as well as the formation of unpleasant odours.

With our modular solutions for fatty wastewater, we ensure compliance with the required threshold values for lipophilic substances.

Acidification of the wastewater and the formation of putrefactive odours is suppressed even for long idling wastewater. No chemical additives are needed to achieve this.

Disposal costs occurring with off-the-shelf grease traps can be eliminated almost completely. That point helps the rapid amortization of our systems.




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