Waschboy 132/162 Cold Water Power Washer


Weidner Waschboy Cold Water Power Wash, these mobile and compact sized cleaners are small in dimensions, but strong in cleaning power. The high-pressure cleaners are designed for all applications, where a good cleaning impact, excellent machine quality and long living period is requested.

Special applications are for instance:

Cleaning of agriculture machinery, milking parlours, stables, vehicles and industrial machinery and the building trade. Removal of most difficult dirt on building fronts, monuments, industrial floors, ideal for renovating buildings and concrete and professional stone cleaning. The benefit of using this product is clear.

Effective short working times, enormous energy savings and long useful life due to the high industrial quality.


  • Clear and easy
  • Chassis to hang up  is optional available


  • Easy access to all components


  • Steel frame out of robust metal, plastic coated


  • Slow running plunger pump with 3 ceramic plungers
  • Industrial motor 100% S1


  • Compact construction
  • Miscellaneous industrial accessories
  • Thermovalve protects the pump from overheating
model Waschboy 132 LXTR Waschboy 162 LXTR
order-no. HKY132LXTR-000 HKY162LXTR-000
max. operating pressure [bar] 130 160 bar
max. flow rate [l/h] 660 540
power [kW] 3,6 S1 Industrial motor 3,6 S1 Industrial motor
voltage [V/Hz] 1 ~ 230 V / 50 Hz 1 ~ 230 V / 50 Hz
max. water supply temperature [°C] 60 60
high pressure pump plunger pump with 3 ceramic plungers plunger pump with 3 ceramic plungers
rotation [rpm] 1420 1420
detergent supply injector pressure side, infinitely adjustable injector pressure side, infinitely adjustable
measurement (lxwxh) [mm] 520x330x330 520x330x330
weight [kg] 43 43
apply recommendation

products for business and industrial applications

recommended for semi professional use


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